An Open Letter To Tian

By The Flying Dutchman
June 28th, 2017

[aesop_content color=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” component_width=”600px” columns=”1″ position=”none” imgrepeat=”no-repeat” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”up” revealfx=”off”]Dear Tian,

When we first arrived at UWCM we were all confused children trying to find our place on this small island. The grey campus, the overwhelming academics, the challenge of sharing a room; all of it seemed so daunting. Was it worth leaving everything behind in our pursuit to see the world, meet other talented youngsters or perhaps break the mould? Doubt certainly reached many students’ minds. Fortunately, there was one person who had seen this all before, a person who knew all our initial struggles, and a person ready to guide us. That person was you Tian. From the first day we landed on this island, and even before our arrival, you worked hard as ever to ensure that we would have two years of unforgettable memories and be able to leave with an expanded family of a couple of hundred people. You did so by always staying true to the values that Kurt Hahn put forth many years ago, and for that reason you have yet another batch of students with an enterprising curiosity, undefeatable spirit, readiness for sensible self-denial, tenacity in pursuit, and above all, compassion in their backpacks. As engaged students we often speak of the core values which define our school. Sometimes we refer to Kurt Hahn’s values, and other times we think of Satyadeep and his Dutch Law. However, it is in the process of recollecting our time with you that we have come to realise, that you have been this school’s core. Your love to us laid the groundwork of our experience here, an experience we will never forget. As with any family who has to say goodbye to a family member your departure brings us much sadness. We love what you have done for us, and we love the kind-hearted and understanding person you have always been. It is also for this reason we know that whatever you do or wherever you go, you will enlighten and bring sunshine into people’s lives, even in cold and cloudy Britain. 


We hope to see you again soon,

Your students