A Killer Behind Closed Doors

In the United States, prescription painkillers like OxyContin have been excessively produced, advertised and prescribed across the nation. This has led to a sharp rise in the number of opioids, and subsequently, heroin deaths in the nation as addiction fuels drug abuse skyrockets. Communities have seen their youth dying at the hands of these drugs, but in 2018 27 states brought pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma to court with lawsuits in relation to false advertisement and the drugs’ deadly consequences.

The Truth About Privacy In The Digital Age

We live in an era in which our information is all saved, stored and spread digitally. The slightest breach could break way to major upheavals of our personal data and secret lives. Our generation has grown blind to our online presence and image, and must begin to consider the privacy and security of our data from prying individuals and powerful corporations.

Why The World Is Better Than You Think

We are fed news about the horrors of the world daily. Massacres, famines and environmental disasters seem to be endless, as the world seemingly spirals out of control. However, we are actually living in the most environmentally friendly, peaceful and equal era in human history and must not let the present’s seemingly dire situation blind us from continuing this upward trend.

No Community Without Communication

There are plans to adorn our campus by removing the cage and replacing it with a grass amphitheater and trees. While this may be a positive change for some, there has been a lackluster consideration of the DP students’ opinions. In order to maintain a respectful and well-rounded community there must be a discourse between students and administrators on issues that affect the community.