Author: Natalia Tapia Moreno

I’ve been quiet(ly silenced) for way too long

This article arose from self-reflection upon the challenges that I have gone through in my time here. Now that I have moved past said challenges, I have realized that they were needless —and some even unacceptable coming from a UWC community. Thus, I decided to speak up and share some of the conclusions of my reflection. Before you continue reading, I want to state that this article is not intended to create controversy or resentment, but to be taken as an opener for an honest discussion. I know that we all can reflect and act to do better here, and in future communities where we will engage.

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Multi-Faceted Peer-Pressure

It seems like the real danger of peer-pressure is failing to understand its definition, or more importantly, not contextualizing it in our community. If we do not recognize the multiple layers of peer-pressure at UWCM, we could completely miss its burning – and even overwhelming, presence on our campus.

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Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Sigrid Sköldberg

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

A very special goodbye to the DP2s that have held our hands through our first year, and a wish of luck on their journeys to come.

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Life is Only 700,000 Hours Long

In a busy world with endless things to do, it's imperative to search for a greater purpose that fulfills us. To find it, we should take a look at where do we currently invest our time.

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