by Marina Garlick, UWCM
19th of October, 2022
Illustration by an AI

Summer days have set,

once again. 

Falling, faster, 

resting on the ground. 

One last ray,

then it’s gone.


Summer days have passed,

leaving room.

Chatting, charmer, shhhh,

Just a little longer.

Coffee and brunch,

then it’s gone.


Summer days have gone,

only clouds remain.

Raining, runner, stop!

Too fast, be patient, 

Dont stress, relax

then it’s gone.


Summer days have 

turned away. 

Colourful greys warming 

cosy fire Light. Don’t 

worry, I’m here.

Winter is excited

to play tag.

Cold, Crashing, hug?

Come on it’s only

dark, too dark.

Wait for me. 


Winter is refreshed

Ready to go. Sleep

just a little longer.

Slipping, snoozer, up!

Can’t make it,

Wait for me.


Winter is apathetic 

to the sun. Dark

nights, darker, dimmer.

Is this comfort or 

Do I feel alone, 

Wait for me. 


Winter, It will pass

once again. Light

flooding, foolishly

optimistic. Hopeful

I’m here.