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The Flying Dutchman4 weeks

Extroverts, Pipe Down

Do you feel that UWC is exclusive? Do we respect only one type of change-maker? A perspective on the dynamics of the UWCM community, to reflect on the interplay of different personalities.

The Flying Dutchman2 months

Making Patois an Official Language of Jamaica

In Jamaica, our language is an undeniable part of our culture, a part for which we have become infamous around the globe. Where we do we draw the line between its recognition and its tokenism?

The Flying Dutchman6 months

A Couch to Sleep on

From Homer’s poems to tourism in a globalised world: the evolution of hospitality, through the Caucasus and UWC.

The Flying Dutchman7 months

A Welcome Letter

A welcome letter to whom it may correspond

The Flying Dutchman8 months

Reflections on “The International Award”

My first year’s toughest experience, and one of its best

The Flying Dutchman10 months

Mandril Political and Cultural Centre

Free space for creative expression, counter-cultural place of resistance in Maastricht.

The Flying Dutchman11 months

Us, Draining Brains

We should show our attachment and love to our country by acknowledging our departure and doing what is within our reach and beyond in order to soften the impact of our physical distance from home.

The Flying Dutchman1 year

“Deeper Purpose”: Lessons for a High-Flying Dutchman

The answer to this ‘how’, I’d wager, can be found in his driving sense of purpose. Yes, ‘purpose’. An innocuous word, I know. Just two simple syllables. Yet right now, by which I mean today, aujourd’hui, hoy, vandaag, there is no single more important word in the English language.

Ivy Tirok1 year

Applicant Number 13276

His plan was simple: get admitted, learn, earn.

The Flying Dutchman2 years

Dr. Victoria Mora, President Of UWC Armand Hammer, on Cheese and Liberty

On April 9th, 2018, Dr. Victoria Mora, President of UWC Armand Hammer, wrote an article published on LinkedIn called "Cheese and Liberty".