by Siddhant Sharma, United World College Maastricht
18th June, 2018

Black, Yellow, Brown and White
To the universe they are mere wavelengths of light.
Yet in our minds they are creating a strengthening divide.
Today my pigment has become enough to determine
Whether I be perceived a surgeon or a petty thief murdering.
In ‘08 they told me the dream is reality,
But the yellow pigmented emcee is still addressed a wannabe
because the colour of his skin does not contest his personality.
Is a prisoner of birth all he is meant to be?
Because no matter how hard he tried no one wanted to set him free.
All they saw was a “divergent”, trying to cross the north sea.
And when we looked beyond complexion,
We entered a new region of division.
And gave it the sacred name: Religion.
We fight and hurt to protect our opinion
But would Jesus fight Mohammed over a little bit of friction. 


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