First Cross UWC Sailing Regatta

by the Flying Dutchman
5th July, 2018

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 29th of June marked the beginning of the first ever cross UWC Sailing Regatta. The sailing took place along the coast of the Bristol Channel, close to the shores of UWC Atlantic College. Here, 13 students from four UWCs made the most of a weekend with good weather. The idea to have a cross UWC regatta was introduced by two students from UWC Red Cross Nordic, Asbjørn W. Lauridsen and Ossian Procopé who said that “we want to create a stronger community between the UWC schools, what better way to create something than through a regatta.”
At the end of the Regatta, the 2nd of July, Hannah Bredero from UWC Maastricht was awarded the Admiral Desmond Hoare Trophy and a Kurt Hahn book. Hopefully, this initiative will become tradition in the years to come. If you wish to see highlights from the event, please watch the video below made by Tom Patridge.