by Raul Enrique Romero Martinez, United World College – USA Alumni 
August 17th, 2018

Sitting there, in the hammock of few days left I saw it: your smile.
Grace hidden in plain sight.
Was that the landscape I would miss the most and that I had not found yet?
Was it there all the time and I just hadn’t discerned?
In the infinite Montezuma mountains-hikes I realized, that time can stretch endlessly and squeeze short at dawn.
Few days left, and few nights ahead.
Will I ever be as happy as I was;
staring at your eyes at night and your teeth against mine, between kisses and laughs?
I don’t know yet, and I won’t dare to ask.
It may just be enough to know that soon I’ll embark on a new path;
anxious to see if I’ll ever go back to those hikes and nights of love.