Still Looking For A Grad-Trip? The EU Has You Covered

by the Flying Dutchman
14th May, 2018

Summer. Time to shuck off IB exams for months, head to the sunny beaches or to a roommate’s house in another country. Or maybe, like it is popular to do in European UWCs, give in to the wanderlust and have a grand adventure through many different countries.
This often takes money —  for planes, trains, food and lodging. But for European UWC students, that is students residing in the EU, travel this summer may have just gotten easier.
The European Commission has set aside 12 million euros to provide young people living in the European Union free InterRail passes to travel to up to four countries on the continent on almost any train.
These are places such as Spain, Croatia, France, Italy and even, Britain, which is negotiating its divorce from the bloc.
The aim, according to a statement by the commission, is to “help foster a European identity, reinforce common European values and promote the discovery of European sites and cultures.”
Nathalie Vandystadt, a commission spokeswoman for education, youth, culture and sport, said by email on Friday that the initiative would be open to 18-year-old citizens of the European Union “regardless of social or educational background.”
Teenagers must be 18 — and only 18 — on July 1, 2018, to qualify for a ticket. 
That means if you live in the European Union (including in Britain) and were born between July 2, 1999, and July 1, 2000, you can apply online through the European Youth Portal.


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