Student submissions

Why Aren’t We Talking

by Ada Aydin, UWCM
19th of October, 2022

Why aren’t we talking about that

We left our homes, our cages

Flew away, so far away

Why aren’t we


Why aren’t we talking about that

We wake up every morning

Put on the happy face mask

Pretend nothing has changed


Why aren’t we talking about that

We think we always have to be happy

Run away from sadness, hide tears

Making sure no one sees us


Why aren’t we talking about

Our pasts, fears, weaknesses

Are we so afraid to seem hurt

Are we not allowed to be hurt


Why aren’t we talking about

That it can be hard at the beginning

But in the end, we’ll be home to ourselves

On our own feet, strong and upright

Ode To Joy

by Shira Nudler, UWCM
19th of October, 2022

I think this life is sometimes magical,

And sometimes exhausting

I met you one day in the sunlight

You were sweaty and new

A few big bags

Arms exhausted,

We’ll meet for the last time in the moonlight

Big bags under our eyes

Arms encompassed.

If it weren’t for you in this life

Who knows where I would be

The months of shared secrets 

Or three-day-old sheet cake

Would have been so horrible alone.

I met you for the second time on the gravel floor

We were crouched by a flame doing nothing to heat us up

We closed our eyes and felt the hard ground

When we opened them it was already Thursday.

I hope you remember me in the next life

I have kept a journal of what has happened to me since I met you

The pages are almost entirely full

Maybe one day we can write a new book.