The THIMUN 2019 Experience

From January 27th to February 1st of this year, sixteen UWC Maastricht students had the privilege to attend one of the largest Model United Nations conferences in the world. “The Hague Model United Nations” took place in The Hague, Netherlands for some five full days. Attendance numbered up to 3500 participants from all over the world, including UWC South East Asia (Dover Campus).

The Truth About Privacy In The Digital Age

We live in an era in which our information is all saved, stored and spread digitally. The slightest breach could break way to major upheavals of our personal data and secret lives. Our generation has grown blind to our online presence and image, and must begin to consider the privacy and security of our data from prying individuals and powerful corporations.

Who Are We

For one person their time at UWC Maastricht might be about achieving or delivering academic excellence and for another it might mean participating in every activity possible and spending time getting to know as many people as they can. Is either aim less important? Are we to judge? Can you do both?