The Journey of a Full Circle

by Korpo Selay, United World College Maastricht
8 July, 2021



Screams and cries are signs of life

Joy accompanies the arrival of a baby

There lies Mama’s little angel

The flesh of her flesh 



Life is an exciting journey

You are breathing and living

Everything imaginable is achievable

One minute you are Superman

Next, you are Snow White

There is no stopping for you.



Life is an exciting journey

You are breathing and living

Everything imaginable is achievable

One minute you are Superman

Next, you are Snow White

There is no stopping for you.



Mama becomes an enemy

Dad is a memory

Puberty strikes and like a witch

It casts spells upon you:

Pubic hairs, breasts, and a deepened voice 

are scars from its whip

In this lawless game, puberty is winning.



Superman & Snow White are myths

Work and alcohol have replaced them

You are now breathing in pain

How did you end up in an arena with life as an opponent?

Anxiety, stress, and depression are new friends

You are stuck, society has you,

there is no escape.


Old Age—

Screams & cries are signs of death.

“A beber y a tragar, que el mundo se va an acabar”

Your response when asked for tips on how to survive life

Dreams are now nightmares

“When I die…” is a way of talking now

“It’s your turn”, Death whispers

Your epitaph reads:

“Congratulations, you’ve completed the full circle. 

Rest in Pieces”.


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