UWC Locked: Mostar

“It is much better than how it sounds”. Bengi feels lucky for being locked in UWC Mostar with friends, in a bigger building than her house. “Here, I’m empowered to organize things both in-person and online. I am trying to be proactive and inclusive and this place is still showing me new ways to do so.”

UWC Locked: Singapore

Studying in an empty room facing a vast horizon filled with apartment buildings, a UWC South East Asia student tells me about her life in Singapore. With around 70 or 80 students still on campus, life has become an interesting dynamic to reflect upon.

UWC Locked: Maastricht

Noah, DP2 residential student, is a proud member of the “Quaranteam”, self-designated group of now 55 remaining boarders at UWC Maastricht. In the first report of the series “UWC Locked: Life inside isolating campuses”, he tells how UWCM has looked like in the past weeks.