UWC Locked: Mostar

“It is much better than how it sounds”. Bengi feels lucky for being locked in UWC Mostar with friends, in a bigger building than her house. “Here, I’m empowered to organize things both in-person and online. I am trying to be proactive and inclusive and this place is still showing me new ways to do so.”

What is The “IO” and Why Should We Care

In the centre of Berlin, not far from Friedrichstraße Station, one can find a golden plaque stating “UWC International.” During a project week in Berlin, a delegation of UWC Maastricht students had the opportunity to visit the recently opened UWC International Office (UWC IO) in the German capital city.

How Many Goodbyes Left?

With the constant weight of goodbyes, we would believe that the process of saying goodbye becomes much easier. However, with each goodbye we bid, it touches a different part of us like how every person we encounter affects us in various ways.