by Sherife Suauthor name, UWCM
16th od December, 2022

He was always like this 

Found calmness in isolation 

Lost her in melancholy 

Smoke hugged him overwhelmingly well 



He was always like this 

Wrote poems in agony

Found her in the lines 

Erased it then,

When he lost all his words overwhelmingly well 


They begged him to get help

To find calmness in the so called meds

He abused it then 

Found calmness within the meds 

Soaked it overwhelmingly well 


He stopped smoking one day 

He hugged her to the calmest extent 

She thought in silence what had changed 

Happiness moulded her overwhelmingly well 



She never understood what the meds meant 

Or how could he find comfort within the smokes his lungs felt 

She understood it than overwhelmingly well


She hated it

Felt dirty

Felt dependent 

Felt less than herself 

But she was happy 

That now she could understand how he felt

Overwhelmingly well

Her lungs felt the comfort of the smoke 

One day till the end 



With the touch of the smoke on her skin

And the idea of him in her head