When it Comes To an End 

by Annamaria Porta, UWCM
16th of Deember, 2022
Illustration by Sufi Abdellah

Will you remember it, will you forget it, when it all comes to end? 


As seasonal depression begins to hit us, 

for those far away from home and those desperate to go, 

the little cheer we have left, we find in the December lights. 


The cold wind brushing against your cheeks,

and the days that seem like endless nights. 

A short bike ride to the centre to grab a warm waffle and stock up on sweaters. 

Ice skating in the rink and photographs for your winter highlights. 


It is all we want to do, our only escape from the burning reminders of our tasks. Draft after deadline after test after oral. 

The thought at the back of our minds, 

the worries that arise from self-doubt. 

Is this where I am supposed to be? Am I even doing this right? 

I managed one thing, how can I find the energy for 10 others? 

I can’t wait to feel again, when it all comes to an end. 


What we see as our daily routine, our loved ones think is mortifying. 

“Go outside! Eat! Sleep! Do something other than stare at your screen, please.” We can’t help it, scratching things off our calendars 

has become our definition of success. 

But, by getting so caught up with how it will feel at the end, 

we’ll forget what truly happened behind all the stress. 


The experience behind the journey is what should make us proud. 

We get sick, we show up, we get it done and we progress. 

The syllabus seemed extensive, but we arrived at the last units, 

accomplishing what felt like was impossible. 


Dedicating the few free hours to our clubs,

we expressed our creativity through cooking, running and exploring. 

We opened up with people from places you’ve never been in, 

we made life-long bonds with those that stayed by our side. 


We can’t forget the excitement of recognizing the many faces in the hallways, 

always eager to say hi and catch up.

Together we could laugh at confusion and failure that doesn’t define us. 

We’ve shared our playlist favourites and earbuds. 


We can’t forget that drive that brought us together in the first place, 

the path that defines our future. 

The excitement of conferences, culture weeks and expressing our identity. 

Food, dance and days out with our tutor. 


We shouldn’t forget those that try so hard to put a smile on others faces, 

The personal satisfaction of getting things done in the crowded library. 

The memories we’ve made through a love-hate relationship with our HLs,

And rushing those deadlines on Wednesday nights. 


I know we aren’t close to done. 

But if we don’t enjoy it now, regret will have won.